5 Effective Tips to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

There’s nothing more worse than waking up to a scorching hot summer day and discovering that your air conditioner has gone cactus. The last thing you want to find on the first truly hot day of Melbourne summer is that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. However, if you don’t perform some simple annual maintenance and prepare your air conditioner before summer arrives, this could actually happen.

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Preparing your air con Melbourne for the demands of summer air conditioning won’t take too long, but it is critical to ensure that the system operates efficiently throughout the summer heat. After all, air conditioning systems can consume up to 30% more energy if they are not properly maintained, which can cause your power bills to skyrocket during the peak season of operation.

How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Whether you have a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system or split system, don’t let the Melbourne summer heat get the best of you. Maintaining your air con unit on a regular basis will also reduce your energy use and operating costs. So, here are five effective and easy tips for preparing your air conditioner for the summer.

TIP #1: Change Your AC Filter

Cleaning your air con system’s filter is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible. A blocked filter can force your AC unit to work harder, increasing your energy expenditures and shortening the lifespan of your system. Cleaning your filter also helps enhance indoor air quality by trapping germs, bacteria, and others that might be found in the environment.

Air con filters should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure that your air conditioner has unrestricted air circulation. If you have pets, this should be done at least once every 2-3 months, and ideally more regular cleaning if possible.

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TIP #2: Clean The Condenser Coils

Daikin Air Conditioning repair service in ElthamNext up, remove any debris from the condenser coils and fan of your air conditioning unit. If your condenser unit was kept covered during the winter, remove the cover and let it air out. In this particular instance, there is unlikely to be much debris to remove. If it wasn’t covered, you’ll most likely have to clear away a higher pile of leaves, yard debris, and dirt than you would otherwise have to. Because air travels through radiator-style condenser coils, it’s important to keep them clean.

Check if any debris has gotten stuck in the coils. If this is the case, these coils must be cleaned using soft pressure and cleaner to ensure that your condenser unit operates at peak efficiency. Caution should be exercised by homeowners to avoid damaging the delicate fins or bending them.

TIP #3: Inspect Air Ducts For Leaks

We have seen homeowners complain about poor cooling despite having the AC system checked by professionals. Sometimes, the culprit could be leaky air ducts.  If you want to ensure comfort throughout the summer, it is important to check your ducting. If you notice any leaks, seal them before the season begins.

There are several different reasons why air ducts leak, including corrosion, building renovation, faulty installation by a contractor, a manufacturer flaw, and even pests. In addition, ductwork is subject to leaks at the junctions where one duct connects to another duct. Regardless of the situation, having your ductwork sealed by a professional enables the unit to perform better.

TIP #4: Prepare Your Thermostat For Summer

Check the air con thermostat to see if it is functioning properly, particularly during the startup cycle. Investing in an advanced thermostat is the right approach as it allows you to configure temperature settings to change automatically throughout the day. This enables making the most efficient use of your summer air con systems. Furthermore, smart thermostats can be programmed to turn on when you arrive home from work and turn off while no one is home, reducing energy consumption.

The majority of smart thermostats allow homeowners to keep track of their energy consumption. Creating a home energy profile will show you how your energy consumption has changed, how this will likely affect your energy bills, and how you could tweak your cooling preferences to further reduce your energy costs.

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TIP #5: Arrange A Professional AC Service

Air Conditioning Service in MelbourneIf you’ve followed the tips, it could help ensure the AC unit operates without any issues at the start. However, it is important to contact your AC service provider for a scheduled AC tune-up. It is because AC technicians thoroughly clean all air conditioner components, including the fan, coils, indoor air handler, condenser, compressor, and other parts. In addition to checking for cleanliness issues, they also look for any faults with the air conditioner. This helps to enhance performance and extend the life of your device by allowing any issues, if any, to be resolved on the spot. Overall, regular maintenance allows the air conditioner to operate more efficiently while providing appropriate cooling.

While one can do numerous things to ensure that their air conditioner operates efficiently throughout the year, we recommend that you get your unit professionally serviced once a year at least. A trained air con technician will be able to do a thorough inspection and cleaning of all components of your device, as well as make any necessary modifications.

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If you wait until summer to prepare your air conditioning system for summer use, you may find yourself in a state of avoidable discomfort. Technicians are typically overworked at this time of year, so make a tune-up appointment as soon as possible before the real rush begins.

At ComfyHome Heating and Cooling, we provide AC installation, AC servicing, AC repairs, and AC preventative maintenance in Melbourne to ensure that your cooling system is reliable throughout the summer. Give us a call now to set up an appointment for a tune-up! Residents of Melbourne and the suburbs in it can reach us at 1300 266 394.

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